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How Do I Know If I Have a Cavity?

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Cavities are one of the most common oral health problems for people of all ages. In many cases, dental cavities come as an unwanted surprise during regular dental checkups. If caught early, dental cavities can be resolved with dental fillings, a relatively quick and straightforward procedure. However, if left untreated, a dental cavity will turn into a root canal, which isn’t ideal. It’s important to look out for the telltale signs of a cavity so that you can seek suitable dental treatment before it progresses to severe tooth decay.

Note that it’s possible you may not feel anything if your cavity is small, but eventually, you will notice. Here are some common symptoms of a cavity that you should be aware of.

Tooth Pain

A toothache is a common symptom of a cavity. If you are suddenly experiencing pain when biting down on food, it’s time to see the dentist. Pain is often our body’s way of telling us that something is wrong. In time, you’ll experience tooth pain even when biting on something soft, and as the cavity progresses, the pain will likely progress.

Tooth Sensitivity

Sensitivity is best described as a tingle or tickle in your teeth and is most commonly experienced when eating something hot, cold, or sugary. Tooth sensitivity is caused by bacteria wearing down your tooth enamel, exposing the sensitive layer of dentin and nerves.

Some people have naturally sensitive teeth, and you may be one of them. You can try using sensitive toothpaste to help relieve the sensation. However, if it does not help or if the sensitivity worsens, you may have a cavity and should contact your dentist.

Visible Holes in Your Teeth

Visible holes or pits in your teeth are a sure sign that you have a cavity. However, not all cavities are visible, especially if they are between the teeth. If you notice any hole or pit in your teeth, schedule a visit with your dentist sooner rather than later.

Dark Spots

A developing cavity can cause dark spots, usually brown, black or grey, on the tooth’s surface. At first, the site may look like staining, and you may assume that it’s just mild discoloration. However, if the dark spot gets larger over time, you likely have a cavity. In some cases, the cavity stain may start as a white spot and darken over time.

Bad Breath

As bacteria continue to penetrate the enamel and compromise the tooth, you’re likely to experience persistent bad breath. You might notice it while brushing your teeth or your tongue, or you may have a bad taste in your mouth. Contact your dentist in Strathroy as soon as possible if you have lingering bad breath that is difficult to mask.

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