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What to Expect at Your Dental Check-Up

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Routine dental exams are useful for identifying and preventing potential oral health problems. Even though regular dental visits help to keep potential issues from becoming more severe, many people still feel anxious about visiting their dentist each time they go. This fear usually stems from the fact that they do not know what to expect from a typical dental checkup and cleaning.  

If you are planning on seeing a dentist near you soon, here is some information that Strathroy Family Dental recommends learning (about dental check-ups and cleanings) to help put your mind at ease.

What is Included in a Routine Dental Checkup at Strathroy Family Dental?

Discuss Your Dental History

Before examining your mouth, your dentist or hygienist will ask questions regarding your medical history, whether that be new medications or conditions. Discussing your allergies, concerns, and anxieties can ensure that you receive the right treatment for your specific dental needs.

Teeth Cleaning

At this point, the hygienist will start the routine teeth cleaning procedure. This involves the process of scraping off built-up plaque, flossing your teeth, giving them a thorough cleaning, and using a tooth polisher to eliminate any residue. Before you know it, you will have visibly cleaner and healthier teeth!

Examine Your Teeth

Next, your dentist will use a metal probe with a small mirror to examine your mouth with great detail. They will keep an eye out for many things, from mouth sores and swelling in the gums to redness and softening of tooth enamel. Doing a full examination of your teeth will allow them to find problem areas before recommending any corrective actions.

Dental X-Rays

Even though the dentist has made sure to thoroughly examine your teeth, there can still be problems that remain invisible to the human eye. In that case, X-rays can help detect if there are any issues below the surface or between teeth. Based on the results, they will provide you with any necessary treatment options or your appointment options for your next dental check-up and cleaning.

Results and Treatment Planning

By the end of your check-up, the dentist will explain the results to help you better understand your oral health and any conditions that may exist. If they find something concerning that requires serious attention, they may recommend specific treatments such as dental fillings, root canals, extractions, etc. Depending on your oral health goals, they may also recommend cosmetic treatments such as Invisalign ®, veneers, or teeth whitening. 

If everything looks great, they will give you advice on how to optimize your oral health to avoid any dental problems in the long run and have you scheduled for your next routine visit.

Schedule Future appointments

A check-up is not complete without discussing your next appointment. Booking another appointment will keep you accountable for having routine dental check-ups. It is necessary to be diligent with maintaining your oral health routine, but it is also just as important to consult with your Strathroy dentist on a regular basis.

After learning more about what to expect from dental check-ups, make sure to keep all of this information in mind before attending your next appointment. 

At Strathroy Family Dental, we are dedicated to providing personalized dental care to the community of Strathroy, Ontario. Our professional team values the health and well-being of all our patients and always makes an effort to explain treatments and results. Aside from regular check-ups, we provide other comprehensive dental services, including dentures, Invisalign®, teeth whitening, family dentistry, and more! 

We strive to provide our patients with the very best dental care possible. If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment, visit our website to request an appointment or call 519-245-0005 today!

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